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The Perfect Ritual, by Lizzie Harader
The first part of a story about a young mage who attempts to transcend mortality, much like the Nameless One did...

The Unofficial Torment Novel, by Rhys Hess
You have to see this to believe it.

The Dangers of the Planes, by Malkali
The worst things that can happen to you aren't physical in nature...

An excerpt from a story taken from some bald berk, detailing the dangers of allowing Tinker Gnomes within the confines of Our Fair City, by Malkali
A story with gnomes, need you know more?

Adventures of Fish, by Fish
Or: Why you shouldn't use hallucinogens

William Shatner vs. the Nameless One, by Talavar
Another cheesy piece of fanfiction...

Mr. T vs. the Nameless One, by Talavar
A cheesy piece of fanfiction...

History of the Nameless One, by Rhys Hess
A piece telling the known facts of the Nameless One's previous incarnations

Torment voice acting credentials, by Daedalus
If you're wondering why you feel you've heard these voices before...

Regret, by Transeer
A mood piece

Top 10's,
All kinds of weird Torment top 10's!

Weirdness: The Sequel, by Fish
Fish has returned!

The ultimate proof that Torment fans are weird, by Fish
I (Calis) received this e-mail. I decided to put it here because, frankly, I *hope* it's fiction :-)

The kidnapping of Sassy, by Spider and Calis
Two ninja's risk their lives by going into Black Isle's HQ...

Birth of a rogue modron, by Seamus
This story details the dilemma faced by Nordom when he finds individuality

Impish deals, by Calis
SeamusXanthusZenus, propietor of the underground shop Parts & Pieces, comes across a piece of rather... interesting merchandise.

Caverns of the Skull, by Calis
A desperate berk tries to cut a deal with a dark goddess...

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