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Mini review: Torment editors (cheats)
...a short comparison by Calis

As far as I know, two Torment editors are currently available:
  • TeamBG's Torment Character Control (The latest BETA version available is 1.1.2; this is the version I used.)
  • TormentHack 1.0 by Anders Kronquist, to be found in our downloads section.

The first thing one notices when comparing the two is the file size. Character Control makes for a 2 megs download, while TormentHack is only 34 kb's!!!

I tried TormentHack first.
TormentHack is, basically, a command line based hex-editing utility. You give the program the changes you want it to make, and it works. The big downside to this is that it isn't very user friendly: you have to look up codes for everything. Luckily, the editor comes with a few big lists of items 'n spells.
I tried to edit some stuff, and it worked like a charm. This editor has most of the functionality you'll need: editing stats, items and spells.

When you start up Character Control, you see where the extra megs went into. You are immediately greeted by a nice windows application that lets you open savegames and do whatever you want with them: editing stats, XP or items. Character Control offers XP editing functionality, which Tormenthack doesn't.
It even includes item descriptions, so you know what you're placing in your inventory.
The only thing it DOESN'T offer is spellbook editing (but TeamBG is working on that). You can still use this editor to get the spells you want, by placing scrolls in your inventory.
This editor has everything you want. It even makes a backup of your savegames before writing a changed savegame to disk! TeamBG put in every effort to make this baby as user friendly as possible, while still keeping it powerful. Editing was a breeze with this app.

Both editors seem to work completely stable. I didn't have any problems after editing my savegames. However, I didn't edit a whole lot, so it's possible that some actions will still corrupt your savegames. This goes for any editor, however.

The bottom line here is that the casual gamer will want to get Character Control, because it is extremely user friendly. If you're a DOS nut who loves to shout commands at programs, Tormenthack will do the trick.

However, there are two things one must bear in mind when using ANY editor:


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