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Mr. T vs. The Nameless One
...cheesy piece of fanfiction from Talavar

Mr. T: Hey NO, I pity da' fool dat looks like you. My gold chains and mohawk are way cooler than your dreads and bone-bandolier.

NO: Why are you so antagonistic? Do you know me from one of my previous incarnations? Did I do something bad to you, or betray you? One of my incarnations was a real bastard, I hope he didn't do something mean to you.

Mr. T: What you talkin' 'bout previous incarnations? You some kinda fool? *Throws punch*

NO: Wait, you don't want to do that. Can you tell me anything about Sigil, or the Lady of Pain? Or what about my NPCs? They all seem to have strange back stories related to mine, but you see, I've lost all my memories, and any help would be appreciated...

Mr. T: *throws another punch, kills NO* Ha! I pity da fool! Thought he tougher than Mr. T!

NO: *staggers to feet, shakes head to clear it* I feel like I've been strained through someone's bowels. I really hate dying. Now, could I ask you another question...

Mr. T: Didn't I kill ya?

NO: I got better. Now, do you know someone named Ravel? Or where I can find her maze? What about Vhailor, I never found him, maybe you can help?

Mr. T: *throws another punch* Die fool!

NO: That's it! I'm tired of all this dialogue. *Proceeds to beat Mr. T's head like a bongo drum*

Mr. T: I'm paralyzed with rage, and island rhythms.

NO: *makes dexterity and strength check and twists Mr. T's head off, and uses it as a substitute for a lim-lim in a game of Sigil-ball, pawns gold chains for a 100 jink, and tapes Mr. T's mohawk to Morte's head.*

The End!

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