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The last 10 signs you play too much Torment
... a top 10 list by Tae Yang Kwak

10. You make your friends stand in green circles.

9. You point a person in a crowd, and you see "Townsperson" above their head.

8. If you see a person with a nametag you feel compelled to talk to them.

7. If that person doesn't give you anything to do you keep talking to that person in frustration.

6. You see mean looking people and you think "Fight" or "Flee".

5. You wonder what's more attractive, a giant rat tail or giant bat wings.

4. You eat rats hoping you'll get better grades.

3. You're convinced there's a 9th Circle of Zerthimon.

2. You know what #2 means.

1. Every hour or so you expect the whole world to slow down.

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