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Picture by Kraal

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf (Planar)
Class: Ranger (Urban, Sigil)
Level: 7
Height: 1m84
Weight: 65 kilos
Faction: Believers of the Source


Seamusxanthuszenus, Slayer--ahh, you know the drill, was enraged. He'd been peeled! He'd paid dearly to get that item (well, just some old meat, but it was a matter of principle) to get that leg, and some berk had had the guts to take it from him!

He'd show that leatherhead who took what from who! And that skull... well, let's just say that he'd better like soccer. No, the Great Slayer of Fiends was going to have his revenge, oh yes he would.

But first, he needed some information. "We've done our homework", the skull had said. Well, Seamus could do his homework too! He'd show them! And so he'd contacted the information-gathering half-elf known as Calis. Seamus was pleased with himself, feeling cunning.

With a small flash, the portal activated, and a tall half-elf stepped through. Seamus' mood instantly changed. "You're late." "Cut to the chase, mephit", the ranger spat. "You wanted information about the entity known as the Nameless One. Well, I am here to assist you."

"Yes... I want to know his weak spot. I want to cut him up into little pieces, watch him regenerate and cut him up again. I want to feed him his own intestines. I want to make him feel the wrath of the Purveyor of Death." Disgusted, Calis replied: "I will not help you with that. My interest is information. I can see the wisdom of observing this entity, but attacking it wouldn't be a wise career choice at this time."

Deciding that he was also wise, Seamus agreed in one of his typical mood changes. "Yessss... we must observe this basher and learn what we can." "Agreed." And so this unlikely alliance was forged.

Both used their skills to the fullest in gathering information. They weren't faring too poorly, considering their dangerous undertaking.

Still, the dangers were considerable, and both parties feared for their safety. So Calis decided to join forces with another couple of bloods seeking the truth about the Nameless One. So he got in touch with Kraal, the tiefling information gatherer.

Melanth wasn't impressed. "What do we need him for?", the stern warrior argued. "We're the only true bloods around here. We don't need a bubbing mephit or some half-elven berk to tell us the dark."

Calis begged to differ, and when Melanth asked him to prove his worth, he handed him a piece of paper with a single word on it.

Immediately afterwards, the deal was done and practicalities taken care of.

If you think you know what the word on the paper was, tell us on the message board...

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