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Alley of Dangerous Angles



Get a charm for Infinite Recall from a crate nearby the SE entrance.  Then talk to Krystall.  She wants you to kill Rotten William and Blackrose.  Rotten William wants you to kill Krystall and Blackrose.  And Blackrose, of course, wants you to kill the other two as well.  You have to decide who you want to kill.  If you play it right, the two gangs will kill each other, saving you the trouble of cleaning up the mess after you kill the leaders, if that's what you choose to do.  If you decide to kill Blackrose, then you'd better get ready, cuz he's one bad dude.  Hang around to collect the coppers after the gangs kill each other!

Rauk is in a building in the south with some mages.  They want three rings that you can get in three tents in this area.  Give Rauk the rings and they will bring a Lim-Lim to life which will kill the mages and let you collect some scrolls, etc.

That's pretty much it for this area for now.  Just let the gangs wipe each other out and you can get away with little blood lost.  But if you want experience points for killing, then join the frey!

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