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Northwest Section of the Hive



Going clockwise, you meet One-Ear (who has stolen a fork) and you can kill him now or later.  You then meet Fleece (looking for directions, but actually a pickpocket) and then come around to the east side where you meet Porphiron.  He is a warrior who wants you to find the beads that some jerks stole.  They can be found outside the Smoldering Corpse Bar.  Take the beads back to Porphiron, and he will now train you to be a fighter/warrior if that's what you want.

You talk to Mhult, who has lots of good info and then enter Arlo's Flophouse.  He wants you to get rid of Nestor, who won't leave without his fork.  Give him the fork and take One-Ear's earring.  When you get rid of Nestor, then you can stay free here as long as you like.

Mar wants you to take a box to Ku'atraa.   This box is cursed and you have to run around talking to a LOT of people to get rid of it, but finally you end up at the Burnt Cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous Angles (the door is in the SE corner), and the priest Aola gets rid of the fiend for you.  Or you can open the box and figure out a way to trap the fiend (I did), but this does not get you the experience points you deserve. You can also open the box and try to kill the fiend. There are some goodies if you do.

One more note: Once the priest Aola gets rid of the fiend in the box for you and after speaking to Jarym, you can ask Aola to give you the gem which was on the box for 500 (or less if you've enough charisma). Then, you can give it to Jarym and get some XP.

By the way, while you're at the SCB getting the beads, you might as well get your eye from Barkis.  You should have plenty of coin now.

After this section, time to go to the Ragpicker's Square.


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