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The Pit






This area is a real pain in the ass if you're like me and have to kill everything you see. My advice is to ditch the killing spree and make a run for the SE corner, where you find a passage to the Pillar of Skulls (see map).

Before you make the jump into the area with the Pillar of Skulls, reform your party and leave Morte behind. Then go talk to the Pillar of Skulls.

After you talk to the Pillar of Skulls, jump back into the Baator area, pick up Morte again, and make a run for the SW area of Baator and find the portal. You should escape with little difficulty if you don't stop and fight. I, of course, had much difficulty and after killing everything in sight, i was so weak i could hardly move :-)

Another method: When you talk to the Pillar, offer to give them Morte as payment for a question. After the question is answered, talk to the Pillar again, and you can pull Morte out. Your max hitpoints goes down by 5 when you do this, but you can get it back. Talk to Morte when you get him out, and ask him to tell you about the Pillar of Skulls. You will regain a memory, worth 120000 exp. Keep talking, and he will tell you why he really came with you. When you learn this, you will get back your 5 max hitpoints, and your Strength and Constitution will permantly increase by 1. (thanks Arundor!)

When you exit Baator, you will end up in the Outlands again, and you have to talk to Fhjull the Forked Tongued Freak again. He will show you how to get to Curst Gone.


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