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The Fiend from Moridor's Box is here waiting for you if you went to the Lower Ward after accepting the Box, but before finishing the quest (if you "left the Hive with the box"). (Thanks Adam!)

What's the reward for killing the Fiend? Well, you get 3000 coppers and The Aegis of Torment (+3 Con, +15Hp, +3 AC) (thanks Quizmati!)

Okay, here's how you kill the Fiend without losing a single hit point: Sneak up on the Fiend so it doesn't notice you (roughly in the direction of the arrow on the map) until you are at point A. Then hit the Fiend with every spell in the book as a sort of pre-emptive strike. You'll see that the stupid thing can't get through the gaps on either side of the blockage you are standing behind (marked with the X's). This means you can empty your spell book on him at leisure. After this (if he is still standing), send in Dakkon to finish him off - believe it or not, the Fiend actually spends most of his time with his back to the gap, leaving him open to all sorts of damage. Sometimes he will turn around, but he just can't get through the gap! Eventually he will die and you won't have lost a single hit point. Easy money! (Thanks Eric Secker for this terrific strategy!)

Find the portal and get the hell out. This takes you to Carceri.


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