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Do you want a fighter who can kick ass all the way through the game, crushing everyone in his/her path?  Then go for lots of strength and constitution.  Mages need high intelligence and wisdom.  Thieves need lots of dexterity.  You have to decide what kind of character you want, and then choose your vitals accordingly. One thing to take into special account is your Int and Wis. They are both very important for conversation opportunities and the endgame scenario (hint, hint), so do not wind up at the end of the game with lousy Int and Wis stats.

You don't get to pick your alignment in the beginning of the game.  You actually create your alignment AS you play the game.  Whatever actions you take will decide what alignment you become.  This is quite different from Baldur's Gate, but kinda cool in its own way.

Other than this, just get your character the way you want him/her and get started!


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