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Okay, you first wake up from death in the mortuary. This is a pretty easy level to get through, and it is designed to give you some experience in getting to know your character and Morte. Morte does not want to fight at first, but he's there if you push him along, and he can kick some butt when he needs to. Also, he can give you some decent advice as the game goes along.

As you're making your way through the mortuary, make sure you check everything and do not leave anything behind, as you will not be able to return to this place later. You will need to find a crowbar, hammer, etc, and two keys to open the various doors. My suggestion is to avoid all the Dustmen Guards, as they can cause grief by calling the guards and forcing you to waste everyone you see. This prevents you from talking to some people who can help you gain knowledge and experience. Some people have said that higher intelligence characters don't have as many problems with this.

A lady named Ei-Vene (on the second floor) wants you to find her a needle and thread, and a jar of embalming fluid. Don't skip this quest. You need the experience and information.

On the bottom level, make sure you speak with Deionarra. She's your long lost love or something, and she will give you a lot of cool information. She will also teach you how to raise the dead.

You can dismantle the 4 Giant Skeletons and get some armor with enchantments from them.

On the southwest side of this level, you will speak to a fellow named Soego who will open the outer door for you. Or you can go to the portal just NE of Deionarra and be transported to the Open Tomb, where you can exit to the Hive. You can go back to the mortuary anytime you want. Just talk to the guards outside the door.

Keep some things in mind before you exit the Mortuary. Do not get rid of items lightly. You'll find that you frequently need portal keys, prybars, hammers, etc. more than once and tossing them away to make room in your backpack may cause you heartache later in the game. Morte makes a good backpack for the light stuff. Use him well.

So how do you fold that paper found in the corpse's mouth?
---- 1, 1, 2, 1 for easy number selections on your paper-folding menu today! Would you like fried ratsies with that? (credits to Shadoweaver)

Ei-Vene will give a permanent HP boost if you play zombie and let her work on you. Also you can learn to open earring (thus making it worth more to merchants) by examining a zombie in southern storage area on the 3rd floor. On the second floor there is an anarchist disguised as a zombie. You can bully him into disguised you as a zombie if you have a high enough str. He can also tell you where the exit portal is located. (credits to Timmy)

Now it's time to exit to the Northeast Section of the Hive.

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