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The Pit




The Dead Nations



When you enter this area, you have to agree to submit to the will of the Silent King, etc.  It's okay, cuz it's a piece of cake to get back out.  First, you'll talk to Soego, who is really a cranium rat spy who's taken on the body of Soego.

You can get Uhir's knife from a ghoul if you trade some food with him.

Talk to everyone and see what happens.  It's an interesting area.

You should be able to find a Spell of Blood Bridge here.

If you want to learn how to speak with the dead, then talk to Stale Mary. If you can't understand her, then talk to Hargrimm about how to understand her, then go back and talk to Stale Mary again and learn how to rattle your bone-box with deaders.

To kill the Silent King, you have to get the key to his door off of Hargrimm. Don't forget to get his skull while you're at it. In fact, you can get a lot of skulls here (hint, hint).


Easy ways to do this level:

1) Talk to Soego
2) Talk to Confused Skeleton
3) Tell Soego about confused Skeleton
4) Soego leaves room, and you search his chest for the journal
5) Talk to Hargrimm and tell him about Soego being a spy (get his skull when they kill him)
6) Hargrimm then asks you to kill rats
7) Kill rats and talk to Hargrimm again and he lets you go


1) talk to Stale Mary (learn to talk to dead while you're there)
2) if you have high enough char stats, she will talk to the Silent King and let you go
3) go to her portal in the northwest

Then go to the Drowned Nations.


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