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The Drowned Nations



This area has some monsters that are pretty easy to kill.  In the south room, there are some goodies to find, including the Bronze Sphere that Pharod wants.  Remember him?  If not, then you've been down here waaaay too long.  Next to that room is a hidden passageway to the Tomb.

You can only go into the Tomb alone.  Leave plenty of slots in your backpack open, cuz you have to find 4 keys and some goodies.  Read all the inscriptions on the walls and follow the instructions they give.  You'll find three keys in the three outer wings, and one in the main center room.  Then you'll be teleported to the small room in the SE corner and you can exit there.  You get some cool stuff in that room too if you check the chest before leaving.

More explicit directions:  From the north room (entrance), go into the middle room.  You will be transported to the west room, where you will need to find a key.   They step in the middle of the drawing on the floor and be zapped by lightning.   This will take you back to the north room again.  Repeat this for the east and south rooms.  Then go to the middle room again and read ALL the inscriptions on the walls.  There are 7-8 of them.  You will have to follow the dialogue on each one until you can unlock the sargaphogus in the center.  Then open it and walk around the room again until you are transported to the small SE room and Exit.  Check the chest first for goodies.  Got it?  Now you're back with your mates in the Drowned Nations.

You can drop the tomb keys after they are used in turn. Once you have opened the sarcophagus, you shouldn't need any of the keys anymore, but you won't be able to enter the SW room ever again (Thanks Adam!).

The Decanter of Endless Water is in the East wing of the Drowned Nations.

Now on to the Warren of Endless Thoughts.


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