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The Pit




The Warrens of Endless Thought



When you enter here, Mantouk transports you to the other end of the warren.  You have to fight your way through a ton of cranium rats to get back to the door, so I hope you brought plenty of cures.

Lim-lims will go postal on the cranium rats and eat them up so it would be wise to put your lim-lim down on the ground there. (credits to Fluid Cow)

When you clean out the Cranium Rat Collective, go for the main guy, Many-as-One, or whatever his name is.

In the far north room, there is a Bottle of Murk that you might want.

After this, I went back to Glyve and used the Decanter of Endless Water on him.  He tells you to find Nemelle in the Clerk's Ward in Upper Sigil.

After this, I went to clean up some of the quests.


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