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The Great Foundry

You meet several people here, and depending on if you decide to join the Godsman Faction or not, you have to complete some quests. Nadilin needs a receipt from you to claim an item. Alissa Tield is the supervisor and if you decide to join the faction, then she will assist you in forging an item. Thildon is another supervisor, and is not liked by some. Sarossa and Saros are sister and brother, and at odds with each other. Bedai Lihn is the magical engineer.

Nihl Xander needs a Vial of Skin in Blood to complete the Dreambuilder for you. After you get the Vial (which you can buy at the Apothecary in the Clerk's Ward) for Xander, he wants you to get a Birdcage for him. You have to talk to Lazlo in the marketplace first, and then go to the drawbridge behind the Seige Tower and stand on it. This will open a portal to get inside. You can also buy some cool weapons here from the golem. Take the birdcage back to the Xander and he will ask you to get a coffin pillow. Guess where you can find one? At the coffin maker! After you take that back to Xander, he will give you a black feather. This is the portal key to the far room on the left in the Foundry main hall. Go view your dreams.

Later, after you get your journal (dodacahedron) and read it, you will get a ticket for another legacy (yours this time) from the Advocate. Claim it and then get your stuff (including the Portable Portal) at the Foundry with the receipt you get in the legacy. While you're at the Foundry, pickpocket the clerk and get another receipt, which you can turn in for a cool mace called The Justifier. Talk to it.

Keldar takes your message and then explains how you can join the Godsman faction if you like.

When you tell Giltspur that the message has been delivered, he asks you to take another message to Barkis at the SCB in the SE Hive.


How to join the Godsmen--
Go to the Hall, and speak to the person standing at the podium. Ask him about the Godsmen, and you should now have an option to join. You will have to perform three quests for him, first.

About the 3 quests:
1. Investigate the murders in the Foundry. Speak to Thildon, Sarvo, and Bedai-Lin. You will have to run back and forth a bit.
2. Forge an item. Buy a hammer, tongs and apron from the Clerk's Office and get a piece of iron ore from one of the smiths. Pick the option to make a battleaxe.
3. Talk to Sarvos, the other factotum, and pick the conversation tree that leads to convincing him that the things he has seen are tests. Do NOT tell him to end it all.

Now you move onto the Clerk Ward.

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