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When you exit the mortuary into the Hive, go directly south and talk to everyone you meet.  One lady will give you a knife that was once yours.  Go into the first building (Open Tomb) on your left and retrieve Penn's note and some coppers.  There is a harlot outside who will take your money, but not much else.  Keep going south.

 By the way, I was wrong earlier.  You can get back into the Mortuary if you talk to the Guards properly.  Tell them you want to visit your "love" Deionarra again.

 Now go south to the next building (Angyar's House) and speak with the wife.  She will give you a quest to undo her husband's death contract.  This means that you have to find the Dustman Mortai at the Dustman's Bar.

 If you go northwest from here, you'll meet Annah.  She's in a foul mood, and won't join your party now.  However, you will meet her again later, and then she might join up with you.

 Now go west to the Gathering Dust Bar and talk to Mortai about the contract.  Push him a bit and he'll give it to you.  While you're here, talk to Awaiting-Death and get 500 experience points for talking him out of dying.  Talk to Norochje and get a quest to look into the matter of the walking dead at the Mausoleum.  Talk to Sere the Skeptic for 500 more exp.  Talk to Emoric and he will ask you to find answers from Pharod about the dead.

 Now go back to Angyar's house and talk to him.  Then tear up the contract, and he will let you rest there.

From here, go north again and talk to Ingress,who will ask you for help finding a key to help her escape through a portal -- this can be done by talking to Candrion in the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the SE Hive.  From there, go west and you'll meet a tout (who can guide you around if you like) and then keep going west to Shilandra's Kip.  Shilandra is involved in the Mar box quest later on.  Head south from here and enter the Mausoleum, where you'll get a quest to kill an "intruder" who is actually Strahan Runeshadow, a mage who is located in the southwest corner of the area in a room alone with some skeletons.  Careful of traps on the way and various skeletons.

When you fight Strahan, focus on killing HIM only, cuz when he dies, so do the skeletons.  You can get some cool scrolls here and check the floorboards for the skull.  Go back to the Gathering Dust Bar and talk to Norochje for some experience for clearing out the Mausoleum.

Clean out the rest of the area.  There are some interesting people to talk to.  Baen the Sender wants you to take a message to Craddock for him.  He can be found in the Marketplace in the SW section.   Don't forget to come back to Baen and get your experience points for completing the quest.  Sev'Tai will try to get you to promise to kill three Hiver Gang members, but I was reluctant to commit.  You can do that however you like.  You can also rest at Angyar's House anytime now.

Well, you've finished this section, so it's time to move south to the Southeast Section.


Map of Northeast Section
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