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Southeast Section of the Hive


I went around this section clockwise.  You will talk to Mourns-for-Trees, and he will point you towards the Tattoo Parlor.  Some Lady-in-Distress will ask you to help her, but be wary of this.  Fell is in a building on the east side, but you need someone to translate what he is saying. You can either use Dak'kon or Annah to translate for you, or you can find a dabus and he will teach you if your char stats are high enough.  Githzerai Townsperson, Barking Wilder, the Collector, and Amarysse are in the streets and worth talking to.


Smoldering Corpse Bar --

    Mochai -- she'll give you some info
Kiarus -- is from the Prime Material Plane
Cilaen Irontoes -- tells you to look in the trash pile outside the city for your journal
Tegar'in & Aetholgrin -- they say they know you, but they are deserters and other patrons of the bar will warn you against them
Tarner -- a Mercykiller Patron who will tell you more about yourself
Ilquix -- talk to him. Ilquix is actually a chaotic demon that wants the abishi dead, but I'm not sure how to get him to expose himself as this. I figured it out by killing the abishi. He changed and said thanks for it and winked to Annah. (thanks Fluid Cow!)
Barkis -- he is the barkeeper and will sell you your eye for 300 coppers if you bargain him down.  If you don't have the money, you can do him a favor by forcing Mochai to settle her tab.  This gets you free drinks for life.  Odds are, you don't have the money yet for your eye, so you can come back later.
Ignus -- he's the burning guy in the middle of the bar.  He evidently got himself in some trouble working spells and can't turn off the flames.  You will find some stuff later and return to douse his flames and get him to join up with your party.
Drusilla -- once lover of Ignus
Alais -- talk to him
Ebb Creakness -- he is a tout who can give you lots of info
Candrion -- he is an experienced planewalker who will help you with the Ingress quest. He is VERY hard to see (almost invisible), but he is standing right next to Ebb Creakness, and if you pass your cursor over him, he will light up for you.
Dak'kon -- he will tell you a lot of cryptic stuff and then join your party.  He is a fighter/mage and worth keeping around.
O -- talk to him for permanent Wisdom gain.

After you talk to everyone, go make Mochai pay her tab and then talk to Barkis again.

Note: If you lie enough about being named Adahn over the course of the game, the actual Adahn will show up in the Smoldering Corpse Bar. (thanks Fluid Cow!)

Note: In the Smoldering Corpse Bar, on the right, there's someone wearing a dustman suit but isn't really a dustman. She'll give you 50 coppers if you don't give her away, but you can talk to her as many times as you want with the same dialog options. so you can get 50 coppers each time : infinite credits! (thanks Antoine!)

Outside, continue in the clockwise pattern and talk to Githzerai Townsperson (who tells you to hunt rats for the Vermin Control if you need money, and Bariaur from the Plains of Ysgord.  There is a warehouse on the west side with Ku'atraa in it, and somewhere along the way you'll meet the Black Abishai who will kill you quick if you piss him off.

Now you're ready for the Southwest Section.


Map of Southeast Section
southeastsection.gif (72529 bytes)


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