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Here, you'll find Yellow-Fingers who wants to get Morte back.  You can decide whether or not to buy him or kill the creep.  Ratbone trains thieves, so if it's your heart's desire to become a thief, you're in luck.  Sharegrave wants you to find out where Pharod is getting his bodies.   Jarym wants you to find a ruby for his spell to work.

Old Mebbeth sells cures and charms, and is a mage trainer.  She has a Remove Curse scroll, if you need it.

To become a mage, you will have to run some errands for Mebbeth. First, she will give you a seed and ask you to buy some herbs from the fruit merchant at the Marketplace in the SW Hive. The fruit seller will not know how to help you, and he'll suggest going to a gardener. You can find that gardener in the SE Hive. His name is Mourns-for-Trees, and he will show you how to grow the herbs yourself. Go back to Mebbeth. Now she asks you to get some rags that she had washed by Giscorl, in the marketplace. Get them from him and return to Mebbeth. Now she wants you to get some fish ink from Kossah-Jai in the marketplace. Kossah-Jai doesn't have any fish ink, but points you to Meir'am, who is standing on the east wall of the Office of Vermin Control. Meir'am has the ink, but needs you to buy a tankard from another merchant, in the marketplace again. You get that, and return to Meir'am, who fills it with fish ink. Return to Mebbeth. She'll make you a mage, teach you some spells, and give you a pair of +2AC Amber Earrings.

Nodd is a collector who wants you to find his sister Amarysse.  If you remember, she is a whore outside the SCB in the SE hive.  You can go talk to her and she will ask you to take 100 coppers back to Nodd.  He'll be really happy to get the money.

In a building in the middle, there is a pile of junk you need as a key for the portal in the north.  To get out of the building, you have to deal with a collector named Vlask who is selling the portal to get out of that building.  You can buy it or kill him.  Either way.   Outside this building is a guy named Marrow-Friend who has a finger bone you want.  You can get it whichever way you think best.

In the NW corner, there is a portal to the Trash Warrens.


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