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Southwest Section of the Hive



Ash-Mantle will ask you for directions, but he's really a pickpocket. You can bait him into pick-pocketing you and observe his technique, gaining skills for your Nameless_One (thanks The Whom!).

Creeden wants to sell you rats and he is right outside the Office of Vermin Control (see map). There is a guy inside the Office of Vermin Control who will buy cranium rat tails from you for a pittance, but if you come back to talk to him a second time, he will give you a quest. He will tell you the cranium rats have sent a man sized rat to kill him, and it is in his basement. He offers you 200 coppers to go kill it. Down in the basement is a were-rat and a box with some goodies. When you go back upstairs and tell him that you have killed it, he rewards you, and you get 1000 experience (thanks Miranda!).

A Crier of Es-Annon will give you a quest to find a tombstone for his city if you want it. You can fulfill the quest by getting the guy in charge of writing names on the wall in the NE Hive to write the name of the city. As you work your way around this section (clockwise again), you'll end up in the Marketplace.

Marketplace --

    Giscorl -- sells bandages, etc.
    Hive merchant to Giscorl's right -- sells jewelry, etc.
    Hive merchant below Gircorl -- sells weapons

    You can get whatever you need here and also you can get the Magus Bracelet and Bone Dagger identified for 100 cps each.

Now talk to Craddock (in the right part of the marketplace) and give him the message to complete the earlier quest.  You will get some experience for that.  He will then ask you to find Jhelia, a lazy worker hanging around outside the Smoldering Corpse Bar.  Jhelia will tell you to tell Craddock to pike off, and when you go back to Craddock, he will let you work for 30 cps, if you need it.

A guy named Gaoha will let you gamble, and Reekwind will tell you stories for a fee. He will also ask you to remove the curse on him, and this will be accomplished much later in the game when you are in Clerk's Ward.  Head up into the northeast corner of the section to go into the Alley of Dangerous Angles.


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