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The Alley of Lingering Sighs



There is a dead Dabus in the building and if you don't already have a hammer, get his.  You will also need your prybar, so I hope you didn't leave it somewhere. If you did, then there's one in the Tenement somewhere.

After you exit at the SE corner, talk to the Pregnant Wall there.  He will explain some things to you about how you "died".  And when he asks you to "remove" the Dabus, don't go and kill it.  Try talking to it instead.   This will spare you some retribution from the Lady of Pain, I suspect.

Then go talk to the Wall again, and he will ask you to use the prybar on the east side (there are two ? marks on the east side -- do the one closest to the building with the dead Dabus), and the hammer on the west side, and bring the pile down. After you do that, the Wall will send you to the Lower Ward.

Now, you might want to remove anything important that Morte is carrying, because he's going to be stolen as soon as you arrive in the Lower Ward.


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