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There are tons of people to meet here, and lots of quests.

Korur -- teaches fighters
Vorten -- tells you to talk to Ebb Creakness for info
Sebastian -- asks you to help him settle a contract with Grosuk the Abishai and he will give you increased char stats for it.
Kii'na -- enemy of Dak'kon
Xanthia -- she is trying to start a fight between some Thokola and an Abishai.  You can warn the Thorp (the Thokola leader) about her plan, and he will call off the fight.  Go back and talk to Xanthia to get some exp. and a threat from her
An'azi -- Dak'kon can put her out of her misery

Deran -- he sells "slaves" and one of his slaves is Trist.  She is really innocent, and for you to prove her innocence, you have to go talk to her about it, and during the conversation make sure she gives you both names "byron and lenny". Now talk to Byron Pikit (make sure he knows you are going to find the missing papers) and then Lenny (tell him that Byron sent you), and then go to the Warehouse to retrieve a note for Trist.  Take the note to Deran and he will let Trist go.   Talk to Trist again for more exp.

The Marketplace -- someone here is selling poisoned cheese

    Cinder -- sells spells
    Karina -- wants someone to like her and if you say you do then you get exp. She also needs a friend, and you can talk to Corvus, the guard standing outside the north exit of the marketplace, who will be glad for you to introduce him to Karina for more exp.
    Lazlo -- tells you to ask Sebastian about Morte. He also tells you how to get into the Seige Tower.
    Aalek -- sells magic stuff
    Anzo -- sells stuff

Giltspur -- has goods, rooms, and wants you to run an errand to the Printshop for him.  After you take his handbill to Penn, give Penn the old note you've been carrying around all this time.  Then go back to Giltspur and he'll thank you with some exp. points, and he'll give you a message for someone in the Foundry.  This is your ticket in there.

Pawn Shop -- Miccah and Brokah sell some cool stuff, including Shards of Fate

Yi'minn -- he's an enemy of Dak'kon and they will duke it out if you let them

Warehouse --

   Vault of the Ninth World -- stores stuff for you
    Leena, Conall, and some other guy are also there

Getting Morte back -- Go the Wrecked House and find Lothar.  He will trade you Soego, Stale Mary, Hargrimm, the Silent King, or Mantouk's skull for Morte (he will be waiting outside for you, and he now has "Skull Mob").  If you didn't get a skull yet, you'll have to go back to the catacombs to find one.  There is a way down there through Lothar's basement, and the first person you run into is Mantouk. Kill him and take his skull and the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought. When you get back, talk to all the skulls on Lothar's walls and get some info and exp.  Lothar will also tell you a bit about Ravel.

Hamrys -- owns the Coffin Maker and you can get the coffin pillow here. Dimtree (a zombie) is also here, and if you can speak with the dead, then you can set him free.

Now take the note from Giltspur and move on to the Great Foundry.


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