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The Pit




The Prison

This is war. Unless, of course, you wimp out and do the sneaking in the shadows thing to solve this area. If you are a warrior/fighter and you don't kill ALL the prison guards, then shame, shame, shame!

Hope you got plenty of cures from the hermit priest :-)

Trias is in the south area, and he wants you to find his sword, which is in the west area. He'll give you a verbal key to the outer ring door, but you have to get a bone key off of one of the guards in the outer ring to get through the inner ring door. Cassius is keeping the sword warm for you. But actually, if you're weak and don't want to be bothered getting the sword, you can just talk to Trias again right after you say "farewell" and a bug in the game will let you "use" the sword even though you haven't actually found it. Also, when you do find the sword, you can keep it for yourself.

You'll find some goodies in this area, like the Dread Bond Bracelet, a scroll of Call Lightning, and a few others.

You exit the prison by talking to Trias and getting the key to the portal in the NE of the Prison (you can also find Vhailor here if you go into the room past the portal -- just don't argue with him too much about his philosophy). This takes you to The Outlands



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