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The Trash Warrens



This is a pretty easy area.  If you want experience points, then just wipe up on the thugs.  They are simple to kill if you get them log-jammed into a narrow passageway.  If you let them surround you, then they might wax your sorry butt.

You can find junk near the entrance for the portal.

In the SE corner, you will meet Bish, who is a tough kill if you let him attack you with all his mates.  If you run down the passage a bit and get him alone, you can kill him, then regenerate and go back to clean up his mates.

All in all, not a tough battle at all.

There is a portal to some treasure in the north-eastern part that is tinted blue on the map. The key to the portal is a cranium rat tail. (thanks Fluid Cow!)

The entrance to the Buried Village is a trapdoor behind Bish.

Suggestion:  You might want to go back and see Porphiron if you've leveled up.  And you might want to sell all the jewelry you got here before you go to the Buried Village.



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