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    February 20, 2000

    A Typical Night at Sir Bob's Place, Trying to Whip the Munchkins Into Shape...

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    Here we go...

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    "No, no drow. I don't care if this is a Player's Option campaign, I don't care it they're in the Player's Option rulebook, the answer is still no. And that DOESN'T mean you can use the optional racial ability templates to create a high elf with a drow's powers. I mean it!"

    "3d6 for stats. Not 5d4. Just because it's official on Athas doesn't mean it's official everywhere. No, you can NOT be a portal-stranded Athasian."

    "Sorry, no dragons. Look, just because it's 'official' doesn't mean I have to allow it! 'Council of the Wyrms', my ass! No, not even a crystal dragon. Do I have to come over there?"

    "Hey, gith-boy, the Player's Handbook says arqubuses are OPTIONAL. And I choose not to exercise that option. Oh, yeah? Same to you, buddy!"

    "Advance warning: If I hear the word 'bladesinger' one more time, I'm going to go postal here. Do I make myself clear? Oh, and include 'elven cavalier' under that umbrella to, okay?"

    "'Severe Phobia of Northern Reticulated Chipmunks' for +3 cps? What the hell is that?"

    "Deep gnome? As written in the Handbook? Excuse me?"

    "I don't care how many editions of the 'Great Net Spellbook' you bring in, this campaign does not include 'Power Word: Castrate'! Get it through your head!"

    "All right, the next issue of 'Dragon' I see gets shoved down Kenny's throat. That sounds fair, doesn't it?"

    All of these incedents are 100% true.  Really.  Just shows you what a pathetic life I lead...


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