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    February 20, 2000

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    Sir Bob's Word of the Day:

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    Thomas Steven Salter - Don't ask.  Just go.  Go here.  Now.

    Things One Should Not Say To... - fan-submitted quotes, along the aforementioned lines.

    Quotes taken from Planescape: Torment message board:

    Hey, if anybody "G" is on this channel, they don't know what porn is, right?
    - Flabbyjack

    What adds a lot to the game?  Porn.  (Slightly modified)
    - Striding_Dragon

    I can just imagine what Flabbyjack's orgy party will look like.
    - Meghan

    Porn is easy, comedy is hard
    - Pinchy

    Uuuuhhhhhh.... Uhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
    - Pinchy

    A pronsite?  Is that some sort of German tool?
    - Colirama

    Little boobies hurt lots of people
    - Calis

    And now, the infamous "Tree" thread...

    Not as many fact, I can currently only think of one tree (meaning "tree" in the traditional sense of course.
    - Adam Heine - Black Isle Studios

    Hmmm... is Yggdrasil a "tree" in the traditional sense?
    - Sir Bob

    That's a question best leafed alone.
    - Malkali

    I dunno, I think he's getting to the root of the issue.
    - Visuchangavu

    Nah! I think he's off on the wrong branch.
    - Becker

    If you guys aren't careful someone will tear you limb from limb for these puns.
    - Colin McComb - Black Isle Studios

    I agree, I'd better just go Get Twiggy Wit' It over here for a bit...

    Hey! Colin's right, Visu. If you ash me you're getting too big for your birches.
    - Becker

    Geez... this is starting to get a little sappy, and I'm about to go barking mad.
    - Colin McComb - Black Isle Studios

    I think you're barking up the wrong tree here... stuff like this usually spreads like a forest fire. They won't cut this conversation, it's too deeply rooted now.
    - Calis

    Rooted in humor
    Branches of ideas grow
    Blossoms into laughs
    - Lin Fusan

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