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    February 20, 2000

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    This is where we keep the miscellaneous articles and things that we don't have enough of to warrant their own section.  These things will be moved to their own sections as soon as sections for them exist, but for now they're going to languish here.

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    Stuff and Things...

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    Guide to Last Words - how to pick the appropriate last words when your time finally comes, to make sure you kick off in style.

    Impossible! - the second installment in the "How to Die" series of articles.


    Planar Pranks - a sort of "Top Ten Planar Practical Jokes" list.  The first in a planned series of "Top 10" lists.

    The Top 15 Ways to Tell You've Been Playing Planescape: Torment Too Much - self-explanatory.

    A Typical Night At Sir Bob's Place, Trying to Whip the Munchkins Into Shape - just read it, okay?

    Sing a Song of Munchkins - Sing a song of munchkins, getting on the DM's case.   Stacks and stacks of rulebooks, being shoved into his face...

    Rogue's Gallery - this will eventually contain the winning entries of the "Adopt a Face" contest.  Until that's completed, it just leads to the main contest page.


    Immortal Name Generator - randomly-generated names for a nameless immortal.

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