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    February 20, 2000

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    From time to time, The House O' Pa(i)ncakes runs some contest or other.   Typically, we pose some question or challenge, and the most creative or humorous answer wins.  Past and current contests are listed here, along with previous winners.   All entries are to be submitted to Sir Bob, unless stated otherwise within the contest description.  Put the name of the contest you want to enter in the Subject line of the email, or your entry might not be looked at.

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    Previous Winners

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    When someone wins one of Sir Bob's contests, he is made an honorary Knight Who Says "Nih!", just like Sir Bob himself.  Previous individuals judged worthy of this honor are:

    Sir mook - for managing to incorporate both midgets and lumpy pudding into his creative response to the "Portal Sounds" contest.

    Sir FluffyBunnyFeet - for proving that the text adventure isn't dead in his hilarious (to those old enough to get the joke) response to the "Portal Places" contest.

    Sir Strife - for sheer blasted persistence in entering the "Things One Should Not Say To..." contest a record THIRTY-EIGHT times.

    Current Contests

    Adopt a Face - it's the only humane thing to do.

    Character Profiles - submit the best humorous character profile and win.  A sample by Sir Bob has been provide.

    Death #... - simple.  What is the most bizarre, unlikely, or humorous way you can think of for the Nameless One to be killed?  Entries can be submitted as descriptions, quotes, narratives, haiku, etc.  Just give it a number between 1 and 1.047861035 so we can keep the theme of this contest intact, and off you go!

    Old Contests

    Things One Should Not Say To... - self-explanatory.  Also linked from the Quotes page.

    Portal Sounds - if a portal falls in the forest, and no one's around...

    Portal Places - if an empty rum barrel were a portal, where would it lead?

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