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    February 20, 2000

    Flabbyjack's House of Pa(i)ncakes

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    May 29, 2000 - FHOPpers, I have an announcement to make. I'm afraid this site will no longer be updated. Flabbyjack's main problem is that he can't get the hang of this funky SHTML / SSI stuff, and Bob's busy with all kinds of other stuff. Rest assured, the site as you know it will still be here, so you can still check out all the nifty funny stuff that is here.

    February 20, 2000 - Sorry about the delay between updates.  I beg of your forgiveness.  All those who sent in contest entries, don't worry, they were recieved.  New entries in the Character Profile, contest, as well as our first-ever entries to Death #..., thanks to Crazy Gerbil.  Two new items added to Stuff under the "Planar Procrastination" heading: A Typical Night..., and Sing a Song of Munchkins.   Oh, and while were at it, why don't I spam the news update with a plug for Sir Bob's finally-online (but still heavily under construction) personal home page, the Penguin's Lair.   Enjoy.
    -Sir Bob

    January 28, 2000 - yet another contest has begun.  Check out Adopt a Face.

    -Sir Bob

    January 24, 2000 - sorry about the delay between updates.  That's what you get with a slacker for a webmaster, eh?   Anyway, the the Things Not To Say To... contest is officially over.  Strife, if you're reading this, I think there's a pleasant surprise in store for you...  Anyway, two new entries recieved for the Character Profile contest, both from Voldenuit (actually, I've had these for a while, but have been too busy to add them until now.  Keep those contest entries rolling in to Sir Bob.  Every entry you submit is just that much less original content I'll actually have to come up with!  Yeah!

    -Sir Bob

    January 15, 2000 - in our fifth update of the new year (getting tedious, isn't it?), I decided to stop slacking and actually make an update of my own, as opposed to calling contest submissions from other people "updates".  There's a new addition to our "Planar Procrastination" heading subsection in Stuff: (drumroll please) The Top 15 Ways to Tell You've Been Playing Planescape: Torment Too Much.  Clich, I know, but hey, whatever works...

    -Sir Bob

    January 15, 2000 - in our fourth update of the new year, Strife has once again submitted a few entries to the Things Not To Say To... contest.  For those of you who pay attention to this sort of thing, he's now entered 38 times.  Also, given the nature of almost all of his submissions, I'd like to thank Strife for singlehandedly assuring that this site lives up to its PG-13 rating.

    -Sir Bob

    January 13, 2000 - in our third update of the new year, Strife has once again submitted a whole swack of entries to the Things Not To Say To... contest.  Lessee here... with these new items, he's entered that one contest a grand total of... 33 times.  I'm thinking of awarding him the knighthood for sheer persistance.

    -Sir Bob

    January 6, 2000 - I am aware the previous update is dated "1999".  That's a Y2K bug.  Trust me.  Anyways, a new entry Character Profile contest has been submitted.   That's... wow, a whole 2 entries!  That's going to be tough to beat!   Anyway, thank you dls (love the signature).  Check it out.

    -Sir Bob

    January 4, 1999 - the first update of the new year! Yay! We have the brand-new Immortal Name Generator up in the Stuff section. Check it out.

    -Sir Bob

    December 23, 1999 - Hi there, I'm here, and I'm having a few internet troubles. Random shutdowns when connected to the internet, so I've been limiting myself to playing PS:T. *evil laughter* I'm sure that Bob and I will get around to making some sections, Hints and Tips, Secrets, or Exploits.

    - Flabbyjack

    December 23, 1999 - New entries submitted to the Character Profiles and Things Not To Say To... contests, check 'em out.  See the Contests page for entry info.  Oh, and it'd just like to point out that this site has already hit over 1000 visitors in under 5 days.  Oh joy!
    - Sir Bob

    December 21, 1999 - a "Top 10" list of some sort added.  Check it out in Stuff.  Oh, and we doubled the size of the Quotes section.  Be warned, though, it get a a little sappy.  If you can't take it, leaf now.
    - Sir Bob

    December 20, 1999 - the second installment in Sir Bob's "How to Die" series is up.  Check it out in Stuff.
    - Sir Bob

    December 19, 1999, additional - we just got sick and tired of having a non-functional guestbook, and decided to go with a third-party one until we can get our own up and running.  The current guestbook is only temporary, but you can sign it if you want to.
    - Sir Bob

    December 19, 1999 - added a new section: stuff.   Check it out.

    Warning: The Guestbook is still currently NON-FUNCTIONAL.  Do NOT attempt to use it.
    - Sir Bob

    December 17, 1999 - it's back and it's bad!  Flabbyjack's House of Paincakes is back with a brand new look, thanks to yours truly, the flying graphics/HTML monkey, Sir Bob.  There's some brand new contests up and running, check 'em out.

    Warning: The Guestbook is currently NON-FUNCTIONAL.  Do NOT attempt to use it.
    - Sir Bob

    Nov. 28, 1999 - There's a new update at the official PST site.

    Summary of update :

    They have been having problems with their router *sob* (router = some internet thing that I don't feel like finding the definition for), the game's been delayed!

    But thats not the worst of it... they were forced to miss Thanksgiving!! *crying*

    Nov. 24, 1999 : They've done it again, there's a new update at the official PST site

    Summary of update:

    Fun game, developers play it a bunch, laugh their butts off as they watch us writhe in agony, drooling like dying hounds over the game. 

    NPCs are really detailed, lots of dialogue, very story oriented 

    Long game, with tons of replay value... 

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