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    February 20, 2000

    Death #...

    While many have attempted to chart the Nameless One's life, we have undertaken a much more arduous task... to chart his death.  Through exhaustive research, we intend to catalog every single death the Nameless One has experienced.  Feel free to peruse what we have uncovered thus far, and contact us if you know anything at all about other such incedents.

    OOC Note: This is a contest.  Check the Contests page for full info and entry rules.

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    Death #...

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       3 - goes through a portal and finds himself in New York City, becomes a banker and starts smoking 3 packs a day while listening to Cradle of Filth all the time.  Eventually dies of lung cancer. ~Crazy Gerbil

       33 - goes through a portal and finds himself trapped in a Barney episode, fighting fiercely for his life, using every weapon and spell at hand as he slaughters as many cute horrible children as possible but eventually he falls to the Great Purple Beast. ~Crazy Gerbil

       37 - falls into a portal that leads into itself, thus being caught in an infinite loop through 1/10000000 of a second of time as his speed exceed that of sound, then light, he is densed more and more as energy pours into his immortal body unti PLAMPH! he pops. ~Crazy Gerbil

       54 - the Nameless One sees a cart sitting in the middle of an empty street, he goes back - take a good, good distance then starts running like crazy WHAM! right into it.  Then on his tomb they can say "got run over by a parked cart". ~Crazy Gerbil

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