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    February 20, 2000

    Adopt A Face

    Welcome to the Adopt A Face main page.  Each of the faces below you lacks the on thing most important to it: an identity.  Can you find it within your heart to take one of these faces as your own, give it a history, a personality, a reason to be?   Contact Sir Bob if you've decided to help one of these poor, needy sketches find its way.

    [OOC Note: this is yet another of Sir Bob's infamous contests.  It's like the standard "Create-An-NPC" contest, except, ot course, that you develop your concept based on one of the sketches below.  Generally, we'd like some character background, some notes on motivation and personality, and a "current sketch" (i.e. where is he now?  What is he doing?).  Characters don't have to be "statted", but D&D veterans wishing to strut their superiority can go right ahead.]

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    npc7.gif (4959 bytes)npc8.gif (7119 bytes)npc9.gif (9959 bytes)npc10.gif (6220 bytes)

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    npc20.gif (4540 bytes)

    All artwork 1999-2000 David Prokopetz (Sir Bob), even the really bad ones.  Please contact him at should you wish to place any of these on another site.

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