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Learning the dark of something is never easy. Chances are, however, that a blood has already answered your question. This vault is the place to find some answers.

FAQ version 0.1 by Calis
If there's anything I missed / botched up, e-mail me!

  0. The basics
1. Installation
2. Tech stuff
3. Gameplay features

0. The basics

0.1 What is Torment?

Torment is a computer RPG by Black Isle studios, set in the Planescape setting for the D&D game. It's based on the Infinity engine, the one used for the killer hit Baldur's Gate.

1. Installation

1.1 How can I put the entire game on my harddrive?

Check under Armory/Hints. We have two guides for doing a full install.

2. Tech stuff

2.1 What are the system requirements?

a 200 mhz Pentium MMX-class processor (266 recommended)
32 Megs of RAM (64 recommended)
a 4 mb DirectX compatible graphics card
650 megs hard drive space. More will speed things up. (800 megs recommended.)
a directx compatible 16-bits sound card
an 8x CD-Rom drive (12x recommended)
Windows 95/98/NT with directx 6.0 or higher (provided on CD)

2.2 I had problems with BG running decently. The scrolling was annoyingly slow. Are these problems going to be solved in Torment?

Well, to put it bluntly, probably not. The engine has been tweaked a little, of course, but the environments are also more complex. However, newer drivers for your card might do the trick.

2.3 What's this about MMX? Baldur's Gate didn't use MMX, and this is the same engine isn't it?

Contrary to what was believed earlier, the game will run without MMX, according to this post by Jim Gardner:
Torment will run without MMX, but some of the blit routines have been re-written to take advantage of MMX if you have it.

2.4 Can I run the game with a 2 meg video card?

You can... probably. No guarantees though. Also, it'll slow down scrolling, since Torment uses VRAM for caching stuff.

2.5 I have problems with the graphics. What can I do?

Here's a few non-specific hints from Adam Heine:

Without knowing your specific specs, all I can really say is (1) play in full-screen (you probably already are, but just in case you aren't already) and (2) make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers for your video card.

If you are playing in windowed mode, make sure you're desktop is set to 16-bit color.

2.6 Characters appear to be walking backwards. What can I do?

Turn on "software mirroring" in the options. That should do the trick.

2.7 Does the game run under Windows NT?

Officially, it isn't supported. However, players have reported that the game seems to work under Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4.

2.8 The game really slows down after a while of playing. How can I solve this?

It's a memoryleak bug that hasn't been fixed yet. Here's a few workaround solutions: (thanks to Allister for telling us on the official dev board)

1. Save game and reload.
(Fixes the problem only for about an hour and then you are back where you started)

2. Go to From there download a little program called Cacheman, set the memory to "Power User", and it will have the game
a) speed up load times, and
b) put off memory leak problems by nearly doubling the amount of time you can play before unloading data from the cache.

3. Do a full install.
(For some reason, doing a full install does everything solution 2 does but permanently.)

Also, set your desktop to 16 bits color. Some people reported that this worked for them.

3. Gameplay features

3.1 What? No multiplayer?

In order to get a decent story going on in their game, Black Isle decided not to include multiplayer. This way, they could focus on the storyline. Besides, multiplayer wasn't all that great in Baldur's Gate...

3.2.1 What's this about a Torment novel?

Yep Ray & Valerie Vallese have written a novel about the game we all love.

3.2.2 But won't it spoil the game?

Chris Avellone (Lead designer of Torment) commented on this:

The novel spills some of the secrets of the game, so if you read it, you aren't likely to be surprised by much of what occurs in the game. On the other hand, the main characters in the game are substantially different from the ones in the novel, and there's extra NPC allies in the game that are never mentioned in the novel.

Personally, I'd play the game first, then read the book, but neither one will spoil the enjoyment of the other.


3.3 Do you lose attribute points / experience / stuff when you die?

Simply: Nope. They thought it wouldn't be fair to punish the player for dying, since it's necessary for the story to die at least a few times.

3.4 Why does the Nameless One stand still when I click "attack" on a beastie?

The AI is programmed to "intercept" creatures when you click attack on them. Meaning that Nameless will go to the place where the creature is headed. If the creature's hostile, that place is you, pretty boy.


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