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Revolutionary League
Factol: None
Aliases: Anarchists
How to join:
  1. Become a Godsmen; see the Godsmen page for how.
  2. Speak to Bedai-Lihn and tell her you are not happy being a Godsmen, the reason being that it is an empty title.
  3. She will tell you to blow up the secret project the Godsmen are working on.
  4. In order to get inside to see the secret project, talk to Keldor and ask him about the project. He should give you a Godsmen token, which you should put in a Quick Item Slot.
  5. Speak to one of the Godsmen guards outside the large doors to the project, show him the token. The doors should now open.
  6. Ask the Githzerai woman and ask about weak spots.
  7. Examine the controls and jiggle them.
  8. The machine should now be destroyed and all the workers killed.
  9. Return to speak with Bedai-Lihn and she will now ask you to kill Sarvos (the suicidal factotum).
  10. Speak to Bedai-Lihn after doing so and ask to join; she will agree and tell you a password ("the city will burn") and tell you to go see Scofflaw Penn, the Printshop owner.
  11. Bedai-Lihn will now ask you to get her a disguise to sneak out of the Foundry. Speak to Nadilin, the clerk to get one.
  12. You should find yourself outside of the Foundry with Bedai-Lihn. If you ask her about herself, you may be able to convince her to let go of her bitterness.
  13. Speak to Scofflaw Penn, who will tell you to kill Qui-Sai, the warrior trainer for the Sensates, and is in the Civic Festhall. (This could be a tough fight and would probably make all of the Sensates hostile; the plot requires something in the Civic Festhall, so you may not want to work yourself into a corner.)
Thanks to Xander for this information.

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