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Lady of Pain

Not very much is known about the Lady of Pain; no one knows her background, where she came from, or even what she is. She seems to be able control all the portals in Sigil, since no one can get in or out without her permission. However, she seems content to allow the Factions to run the city. A rule that all berks learn upon entering Sigil is that one does NOT pike her off, otherwise it's a one-way trip to the Mazes, labyrinths full of traps from which no one ever returns. For more dark on the Lady, click here.


Although the Nameless One doesn't encounter any during his quest, these fearsome creatures are still forces to be reckoned with. Read the chant here.


Want to know about the Blood War, eh, Clueless? Tanar'ri and baatezu killing each other for control of the Lower Planes. Well, I'll let me tell you something: don't mess with the fiends! What are fiends, eh? Fine then...
For an introduction on fiends, just follow me....

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