The Dark of...

The Nameless One
Fiends & Powers

The Pit

Factol: Skall
Aliases: The Dead
HQ: Mortuary (Hive Ward)
How to join:
  1. Go to the Gathering Dust bar (near the Mortuary, southwest).
  2. Talk to Emoric; he will give you some quests to do.
About the quests:
  1. Emoric will tell you to talk to Norochj, who will ask you to bump off a thief posing as a Dustman. You can either bump off Mochai who is in the Smoldering Corpse Bar or Ash-Mantle, who is wandering near the Office of Vermin Control.
  2. Emoric will send you on another quest, this time to talk to Sere (in the bar), who's experiencing some doubt about her faction.
  3. Talk to Emoric again; this last quest will have you searching for Soego. For complete details, check the walkthrough.

Go back to Emoric and take the oath, or not. You can buy spells and items you cannot get anywhere else.

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