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Saturday, February 12th, 2000

Special Report

by Calis - 02/12/00 08:59 EST

RPGVault has posted a special report on Torment.

It's a pretty good read, with lotsa comments from lead designer Chris Avellone and producer Ken Lee. If you don't believe me (hey, I'm not even sure I believe me), here's a little quote about the decision to make the main character an amnesiac:

“To stay true to the genre, we also had to show the actual physical and political nature of Planescape itself,” states Avellone, “including the geography of the planes and the factions and power struggles between the various philosophies. The greatest challenge became communicating this huge amount of information to the player; unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to convey the full scope of Planescape to a new player - and to assume he’s supposed to start the game knowing everything about Planescape is too much to expect.”


by Calis - 02/12/00 08:15 EST

Here ya go, one at womengamers.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2000

Tormenthack Front End

by Calis - 02/08/00 18:51 EST

Just got a nifty front end for Tormenthack in my mailbox. Get it in the downloads section.

Incitegames reviews Feargus

by Calis - 02/08/00 07:36 EST

Feargus Urquheart, Big Man at Black Isle, was interviewed by Incitegames. Read the interview here...

New Infinity explorer!

by Calis - 02/08/00 07:33 EST

This one allows for even more intestinal viewing of the Infinity Engine. Go here if you're into this kinda stuff...

Review Watch

by Calis - 02/08/00 07:32 EST

In.Tech, a semi-serious technology publication, has posted its review of Torment. Check it out...

Saturday, February 5th, 2000

Torment voice credits

by Calis - 02/05/00 14:32 EST

Exitium (click the link for his site) just alerted me to the fact that a complete voice credits list is now up at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Reviews Watch

by Calis - 02/05/00 10:41 EST

This one at the West Australian Gaming Zone...

Friday, February 4th, 2000

Fanart by Gorm

by Calis - 02/04/00 20:11 EST

I just got a new piece of fanart from Gorm for the front wing of the galleries, bringing the total number of pieces submitted by Gorm up to nine. Thanks Gorm!

Special Abilities

by Calis - 02/04/00 15:59 EST

Chris Avellone, lead designer of Torment, posted the descriptions & stats for all the special abilities in the game on the official board. Of course, I immediately copy-pasted them into a lil' page right here.

New poll

by Calis - 02/04/00 07:37 EST

Go vote! Now!

Dak'kon won by a decent margin in our last poll, titled: who is your favorite PC?
Dak'kon 27.3% - (367 Votes)
Annah 18.6% - (250 Votes)
Morte 17.6% - (237 Votes)
Fall-from-Grace 11.6% - (156 Votes)
Lim-lim 9.8% - (133 Votes)
Nordom 7.3% - (99 Votes)
Ignus 4.3% - (59 Votes)
Vhailor 3.1% - (43 Votes)

Disturbing story

by Calis - 02/04/00 07:29 EST

Malkali just submitted another short piece of fanfiction for the Plays. It's a bit disturbing... I'm sure you will all love it :-)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2000

Second opinion at Games Domain

by Calis - 02/03/00 08:24 EST

Games Domain has posted a second opinion on Torment.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2000

Mo' Lithtech

by Calis - 02/02/00 13:59 EST

Got another e-mail from Cruciform at Bloodshot. Seems like we'll have to wait for the official word from Black Isle on this one... :

OK, I got mail from Monolith PR again, clarifying again that there are no details specifically on which version of Lithtech Black Isle is licensing. My question regarding it yesterday was misinterpreted, and I in turn misinterpreted the reply. Agh. So, currently, there are no details on what version Black Isle is using.


by Calis - 02/02/00 09:01 EST

Malkali submitted a story to the Plays. It has gnomes in it!

New TormentHack + New Inifinity Explorer

by Calis - 02/02/00 08:45 EST

Tormenthack 1.1, a lil' cheating utility

Infinity Explorer 1.2, a program to look around in the bowels of Torment

Get 'em while they're fresh

Lithtech 2

by Calis - 02/02/00 07:44 EST

Just got an e-mail from Cruciform at Bloodshot, telling me that the engine licensed by Black Isle is in fact Lithtech 2 (which looks a lot better than the first)

Tuesday, February 1st, 2000

Black Isle licenses LithTech

by Calis - 02/01/00 17:29 EST

Saw this post on GA-RPG... Stuff like this makes you wonder...

"In researching all the available 3D Engine technology out there, we were very impressed with both the support and advanced feature set of the LithTech engine. It is an engine that will definitely help Black Isle create the incredible worlds we are known for," said Feargus Urquhart, Division director for Black Isle Studios.

Monday, January 31st, 2000

Gorm is back

by Calis - 01/31/00 07:09 EST

And he submitted a new piece of his amazing art to the front wing of the galleries.

Saturday, January 29th, 2000


by Calis - 01/29/00 13:33 EST

Just got another submission from Icewind for the The Dark of Fiends 'n Powers section...


by Calis - 01/29/00 13:28 EST

These two:

Face Contest

by Calis - 01/29/00 12:36 EST

Sir Bob, Contest Dude of FHOP, our hosted site, just told me that they have a new contest. Check out FHOP.

Added "Lim-lim" voting option to poll...

by Calis - 01/29/00 11:57 EST

I know I just nuked the reliability of our own poll, but I don't really care. I mean, c'mon, who cares anyway? :-)

Friday, January 28th, 2000

Fish in Sigil

by Calis - 01/28/00 07:35 EST

Fish just sent me a story. Check it out in the plays...

William Shatner versus the Nameless One!

by Calis - 01/28/00 07:21 EST

Check it out in the plays... submitted by Talavar.

New Black Isle project

by Calis - 01/28/00 06:58 EST

Black Isle studios is currently working on three titles:

About the unnamed project, little is known...

Anyway, Scott Warner, Black Isle Designer, put up a little page about the team. It doesn't really reveal anything, but I'm sure you're all gonna click on the link anyway...

Thursday, January 27th, 2000

More Updates!

by Kraal - 01/27/00 17:43 EST

Thanks to Mob, we have more updates, most notable in the Jewelry section, Edged Weapons and some more additions scattered around the Weapons section.

Torment patch!!!!

by Calis - 01/27/00 16:40 EST

It's OUT!!! get it here.


by Calis - 01/27/00 10:32 EST

this one at Gamesmania.

I missed one...

by Calis - 01/27/00 08:06 EST

...this review at Gamer's Depot.

Mr. T versus the Nameless One

by Calis - 01/27/00 06:51 EST

Talavar submitted this for the civic festhall.

Fresh poll

by Calis - 01/27/00 06:24 EST

Alrighty, the new poll's here! Go vote!

Results from the old poll:
The question was: would you like to see another Planescape game?

Wednesday, January 26th, 2000

Reviews Watch

by Calis - 01/26/00 21:24 EST

Just this one at GamingChronicle...

Infinity Explorer

by Calis - 01/26/00 18:39 EST

Just got an e-mail from Dmitry Jemerov, about a nifty lil' browser called "Infinity Explorer". It can display various Torment stuff. Here's a quote from the site to explain what the program does:

Note that the primary purpose of this project is NOT cheating. There are plenty of other cheating tools out there. What I want to do is understand how the game works, what is happening behind the scenes.

PITiful newsrag

by Calis - 01/26/00 12:20 EST

Submitted by Malkali. Check it out!

WARNING: This newsrag contains lotsa inside jokes. It's mainly for regulars of our discussion board.

New Fan-fiction

by Spider - 01/26/00 08:01 EST

Rhys Hess has taken down all the information known about the Nameless Ones previous incarnations. Read it at the Civic Festhall.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2000

Reviews Watch

by Calis - 01/25/00 18:08 EST

Do Quakers play Torment? They sure do, as the boys at Firingsquad prove with their review.

A nice review with a good Planescape introduction for all the clueless out there. Torment got the first Editor's Award for 2000 from the boys at Tresh's Squad o' Luvin'.

French review

by Calis - 01/25/00 17:23 EST

Why even go here? Well, you could use it to brush up your French. Or you could just stare at the screenshots.

Monday, January 24th, 2000

Go here if you're stuck!

by Calis - 01/24/00 19:14 EST

Well, not really. Malkali's site doesn't have anything to offer in the way of helpful info, but he just added some more funny stuff. So check it out.

Reviews Watch

by Calis - 01/24/00 19:10 EST

Three new ones:

FHOP quote contest over

by Calis - 01/24/00 13:53 EST

Sir Bob decided to close the Quotes contest, declaring Strife (who had submitted a grand total of 38 quotes) the winner. Go check out FHOP for the results.


by Kraal - 01/24/00 10:35 EST

I have updated the Fist Weapons, Axes, Scrolls, added Power Word Kill to Mage Level 9 Spells, and Acid Storm to Mage Level 7 Spells.

The Dark of the Lady

by Calis - 01/24/00 07:17 EST

Icewind sent me a cool article about the Lady of Pain for the fiends and powers section... check it out!

Sunday, January 23rd, 2000

Monte Cook interview

by Calis - 01/23/00 20:07 EST

For all you people interested in pen&paper Planescape, Destroy All Monsters, a cool webzine, has an interview with Monte Cook. It's about the future of Planescape...


by Calis - 01/23/00 12:07 EST

Gamespy has posted a Torment review, by none other than BGChronicles' Silverdawn!

The sound and music of Torment are superb. Each area and major NPC has a theme song and these blend into the environment, yet evoke emotionality, such as the fighting theme in Carceri or the soothing melody for Deionarra. Locales are enlivened with many ambient sound effects, making markets a bustle of activity and crypts spooky. The voice-acting for the party members and major foes, although relatively sparse, is of excellent quality.


by Calis - 01/23/00 08:04 EST

Another one, this one at Gameplayers

(source: Blinkingdot)

Saturday, January 22nd, 2000

Flamethrower's commentary

by Calis - 01/22/00 20:30 EST

If you're tired of reviews, you might as well check Flamethrower's commentary on Torment.

Reviews Watch

by Calis - 01/22/00 20:00 EST

Damn! I would've completely missed this one if it weren't for!
Anyway, check out Happy Puppy's review.

Sharkyextreme's Torment review

by Calis - 01/22/00 13:29 EST

Sharkyextreme is one of my favorite hardware sites, so I decided to actually *read* this review (I kinda stopped reading every single Torment review on the net). Anyway, check it out.


Oh, and a little quote for ya:

Torment makes great use of sound, both musically and effects-wise. The music lends a sense of urgency to combat, and landed blows are compounded by meaty thuds and sharp clangs of metal on metal. The voices were also wonderfully done, fitting the characters' personalities personally. After hearing snippets of the main character's gritty bass, Morte's rakish wisecracks, and Annah's fiery Celtic brogue, I found myself wishing they'd find a way to cram more spoken dialogue into the game. As it stands, dialogue is occasionally punctuated by voice-talent but is almost always read-only.


by Calis - 01/22/00 07:19 EST

As promised, I posted a little comparison between the two Torment editors. It's not a real review, it's more of a comparison to help you decide whether TeamBG's editor is worth the extra megs of downloading.


by Calis - 01/22/00 05:20 EST

TeamBG has an excellent editor, but Anders Kronquist sent me another one for your perusal. You can find it in the downloads section. I have not personally tried this program yet, so use at your own risk!. I'll see if I can whip up a little comparison between TeamBG's editor and this one...

Gamespot guide

by Calis - 01/22/00 04:42 EST

Gamespot put up a lil' Torment guide.

Review Watch

by Calis - 01/22/00 04:38 EST

Check this one at Actiontrip

Friday, January 21st, 2000

Torment Audio: The Making Of

by Calis - 01/21/00 12:54 EST

Charles Deenen, Interplay Sound Dude, informed me of this page: CHECK IT OUT!!!

Weapon Updates

by Kraal - 01/21/00 11:49 EST

I have added a new page for Edged Weapons. Also, I have updated Crossbow Bolts and Jewelry.

Thursday, January 20th, 2000

Weapons Updated

by Kraal - 01/20/00 18:17 EST

I have rearranged the Weapons and added comparison tables of each weapon's attributes of each type.

Reviews Watch

by Calis - 01/20/00 06:35 EST

A good one at 3DGN.

Check it out.

Wednesday, January 19th, 2000

Reviews Watch

by Calis - 01/19/00 12:34 EST

Check this one at Intelligamer

spotted at GA-RPG

The last top 10 you've been playing too much Torment

by Calis - 01/19/00 12:23 EST

That's it. NO MORE SUBMISSIONS. We have enough of these now. I can't possibly imagine anyone wanting to read more, so I'm making this one the last one.

new top 9

by Calis - 01/19/00 11:23 EST

One with nicknames, by Bisby

Tuesday, January 18th, 2000

Challenge continues...

by Spider - 01/18/00 16:47 EST

I was told by Flabbyjack that he asked clown how many days it is since the Official Torment Forum opened to the public and was given the answer that he only knew things IN the game. So, only send him in-game questions from now on (though he did say he knew EVERYTHING about Torment in his original post). His e-mail is Again, give him a question he can't answer and you'll recieve an honorary mention. Otherwise he si a good resource when you're stuck...

New poll

by Calis - 01/18/00 16:39 EST

We'll put up a page with old poll results shortly.

Our previous poll was about a (hypothetical) Torment soundtrack CD. It was on the page for ages, and 1100 people or so voted, which isn't a whole lot given the time that it was online. Looks like there isn't a whole lot of interest in a soundtrack CD, so I'm not sending the poll results to Black Isle.

Anotha' top 10

by Calis - 01/18/00 14:22 EST

People keep sending them in, so I keep posting them... Check 'em.

New spells

by Kraal - 01/18/00 11:09 EST

I've added spells of Level 5 to Level 9, and also added a few new ones to Level 2 Spells. Check it out. Look for a Priest Spells section soon.

Torment voice acting + new Top 10

by Calis - 01/18/00 08:04 EST

Both sent in by Daedalus. Check 'em here and here

Alignment debate

by Calis - 01/18/00 07:40 EST

Asmodeus is going to be hosting a lil' alignment debate, read below:

If I may, then, I'd like to make an announcement to all! As a patron of the verbal arts, I have decided to host a debate, which will be held atan IRC server, or Java-Based chat to be announced. We are looking for nine people who consider themselves good roleplayers; by that, I meanthat you've got some experience doing roleplaying on and offline.

Why nine? Each person will represent one of the nine alignments, which follow here below, to give your memory a refreshment:

Lawful GoodNeutral GoodChaotic Good GOOD
Lawful NeutralTrue NeutralChaotic NeutralNEUTRAL
Lawful EvilNeutral EvilChaotic EvilEVIL

These Nine will meet together to discuss IN CHARACTER Sigil, the Planes, The Powers, and (basically) anything else that comes up. Philosophy encouraged!

All potential debators: E-mail me the alignment you wish to roleplay, and make up a character that follows that alignment. Make sure it fits the Planescape or Torment setting, so we can have maximum enjoyment! (Baatezu arguing with Tanaa'ri, etc...)

Character Submissions to the Debate, questions and comments go to:

I look forward to seeing you all at the Debate, since we're gonna need an audience, too! Get those profiles in quick, berks!

Step by step walkthrough

by Calis - 01/18/00 07:30 EST

Court Runge told me that he's working on an extremely detailed Torment walkthrough, with screenshots, hints, etc... the works. He needs feedback on it. Check the link below...

Related Links:

Monday, January 17th, 2000


by Calis - 01/17/00 19:19 EST

Transeer sent in a piece of fanfic called "regret"... check it out in the plays.

New Torment character control!

by Calis - 01/17/00 19:13 EST

It adds a BUTTLOAD of extra stuff, like inventory editing, so be sure to download it at TeamBG!!!

PS:T sequel

by Calis - 01/17/00 19:11 EST

Sermon, an extremely cool guy, and one half of the Dynamic Duo of Gefahrliche Dimensionen (German torment site, also the first Torment fansite on the web) asked Ken Lee about a possible Torment sequel. This is the reply he got:

The Planescape: Torment Team is *not* working on a sequel or expansion pack for Torment currently. There are no plans for us to work on any sequel at this time.

Archived the news...

by Calis - 01/17/00 19:09 EST

Also, make sure to check out Kraal's new spells section.

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